At its most basic level, Community Link Foundation (CLF) intends to provide a dependable, long-term revenue source to participating organizations so that they can give greater service to their communities. This goal is to be achieved through an innovative credit/debit card program which will facilitate new partnerships for giving between individual consumers and participating business organizations. CLF is inspired by the principle that the act of giving creates healthier, more productive human relationships and communities. Today, many individuals are restricted in their capacity to give by philanthropic models that inhibit their contributions. CLF seeks to rekindle people’s desire and ability to give to their communities as a natural part of the process of their everyday spending and to augment significantly their donations through matching funds.

The venture holds the promise of social innovation in many areas.

The innovations include:

  • Enhancing the capacity of all spenders to participate more freely and fully in charitable giving
  • Providing a model that eases and improves the way businesses donate a percentage of gross proceeds to causes
  • Encouraging and leading participating organizations and businesses to higher standards of performance and social responsibility
  • Fostering and supporting community-based projects that effect positive social change

At the deepest level, CLF seeks to create a new type of marketplace - one that places human caring and creativity at the center of economic transactions and fosters the development of new social capabilities.

CLF will achieve this goal by:

  • Designing means to enable donors to become more closely connected to the organizations they support
  • Fostering dialogue at the community level on the health of society and promoting local initiatives for change
  • Developing a Foundation School of leadership and organizational development, in the service of broad based social transformation
  • Supporting and facilitating innovative research on major social issues, in such fields as education,  health and human services, recreation, environmental stewardship and the arts

Powered by the global movement that bridles commerce to serve the common good, Community Link Foundation will enable individuals and organizations to demonstrate the human values which can make a difference.